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About Us  
Eastern Hydraulic is to create a learning organization, the East hydraulic refined into forces capable of rapid response, to fight a hard battle aircraft carrier.
Our image: dedicated, professional and responsible
Our requirements: the team, discipline, honor
Business philosophy: integrity, pioneering, truth-seeking, innovation
Corporate training: a serious and responsible, proactive
                              Services, credit management
                              Innovative, pioneering and enterprising
                              Pursuit of excellence and common development
Culture core: honesty led to and for the heart to believe for a living
                 nesty: employee loyalty to the company, the company on customer loyalty, loyalty to the community of companies system.
                 rmony: Company staff live in harmony with the company's business objectives, customer service is the core of efficient operation.
                 Letter: The company is always regarded reputation in the business of corporate life.
Management features: management is a serious love, education is the greatest benefit.
Employment strategy: more talk about the level of diploma, professional title is more talk about competence, experience more stress ability to speak, talk more about the manpower contribution.
Company development strategy: forward thinking, innovative ideas, great development.
Our advantages: advanced equipment, first-class technology, scientific management, progressive team, quality service, quality products.
Our ability: others do not, and I can do. Others do not have, people I have excellent, gifted people I new, miracles, dominate the market!


General Manager of the Pacific Group, Chairman of the Board with Mr. Yan Jiehe The company hired experts to train staff
The company hired experts to train staff Chess Competition

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