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      Y81 metal hydraulic baler: Y83-250

Product List
Y83-250-type chip and machin...



Y83 series hydraulic metal scrap briquetting machine (scrap and machine), suitable for aluminum alloy factory, steel plants, aluminum plants, copper plants, the aluminum scrap, steel scrap, iron, copper scrap briquetting recycled, alternative waste steel, cast iron, aluminum ingot, copper as raw materials, can reduce the burning. The device can powder granular cast iron, steel scrap, copper scrap, aluminum scrap, such as directly into a cold cylinder 3 to 6 kg of cake pieces in order to facilitate transport, investment and furnace. The whole process does not require heat, additives or other processes. After the density of the cast iron to suppress 5 ~ 6T / m³. The product can also be more according to customer requirements, using domestic and imported hydraulic, electrical components, with automatic feeding, weighing and other devices. Which Y83-500 hydraulic metal scrap briquetting plant for copper design, briquette density 7T / m³ or more, is ideal for suppressing aluminum brass

① hydraulic drive, smooth, vibration free, safe and reliable;
② be based on simple equipment;
③ The PLC control, select manual or automatic operation.

Technical Data:

Aux,Cylinder Press
Bale size

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